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The Mystic Meadows

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The Enlightened Earth - Crystals
Magnificient gifts from the earth that leave me constantly in awe of their power and beauty. I have been fascinated with crystals and all things sparkly for as long as I can remember. I have studied the energetic properties of crystals and trained with some of the most amazing Crystal Practitioners. I have a seemingly innate understanding of how crystals work and a gift for matching crystals with the people that they can serve in the most prolific way. I have been working intentionally with natural specimens, polished points, and crystal balls for about 10 years now. Recently, I have begun to play with polished gem stones and the power of wearing crystals with intention for healing and the heart's delight (see the Jewelry section below).

I am happy to share my knowledge and love of crystals, and to match you with a specimen that will support you in acheiving your hearts ultimate needs and desires.

I have an array of crystals to share and to educate in my own personal collection as well as specimens for sale at my new location in Laconia New Hampshire, The Magical Mystery Store.

Enlightened Earth Creations • Jewelry
I am so excited to be delving into the world of creating jewelry with intention. An amazing opportunity lies in the power of vibrational healing with crystals. I am loving the opportunity to brighten lives, propel intention & experience, and to offer the power and beauty of crystals in a new medium. Contact me to create your custom piece of energetic ornamentation to serve your hearts greatest purpose. I am also available to do trunk shows. I will be posting a gallery of my creations soon at

Enlightened Earth Crystal Healing Sessions
A healing session is a great way to move stuck energy, to shed light on something that is puzzling you, or just to recharge your energetic systems. These sessions are much like a guided meditation. You do not have to do anything or know anything, just be open to the possibilities of your life unfolding in the most beautiful of ways. Using my knowledge of the power of crystals and my intuition, I work to subtly (or sometimes not so subtly) align energy to its optimal purpose through your intention and the intention of the Divine. These are private in home opportunities, that can be combined with private yoga sessions as well. Contact me if you intrigued!

How Crystals Work (My Opinion...Indulge me.)
Crystals hold an amazing capacity for working by the Law of Attraction and Reflection. Though it may seem like magic, each crystal is tuned to and holds a specific vibration or frequency and therefore the capacity to attract or deflect energies (much like when playing with magnets). As the crystals are welcomed into your energy field, they begin to refine and tune your frequency, so what you are looking for becomes more familiar, so when you meet this energy in your life, it is easily recognizable. Your life can unfold in new and wonderous ways.
Crystals hold their vibration with out question or doubting their purpose.
Really powerful, high frequency crystals have the ability to send a shock wave through your energetic field that prompts immediate transformation, while others provide a more subtle transition. Working with a Crystal Practitioner can provide you with the most aligned outcome for where you are in your life and what your heart truly desires!

Alternatively, they are pretty and it's fun. :)

Feng Shui
This ancient art utilizes the forces of heaven and earth to improve your life by managing your Chi (energy, prana, life force). I began studying Feng Shui in 1995 under the tutelage of Cheryl Taylor Bowie, Feng Shui Advisor, Teacher and Chinese Astrologer (and overall magnificient person) Cheryl is available for private consulation. Contact me and I will get her info to you.
I continued my studies with Denise Linn (creating Sacred Space), Nancy Santa Peitro (The Accelarated Path for Dimensional Lightworkers), and Karen Kingston (Space Clearing).

As a kid, a lot of my time was spent on the floor of my mom's sewing room. As she would design, cut and sew I would anxiously await her finished master piece. I was fortunate in the fact that she was super patient and taught me how to sew! While I do not share her refinement (I envy it!), I do love the art and craft of sewing. She mostly made clothes, including every one of my event dresses - from my first homecoming dress to my wedding dress! All pieces that we co-created, designed together and she so graciously produced with love and care, hold a most special place in my heart. Because of her, I have a deep appreciation for fine fabrics and a ridiculous love of silk! My latest creations have been heart yantras, quilted yantras to brighten spaces. I'll post some pics soon!

Mat Tags
They are here! Check out:!

Marketing • Graphic Design • Web Design
I like to think I am officially "retired" from the world of marketing and design for others, but it runs through my blood and I can't seem to escape it! If you have a project, especially in the world and wonder of yoga, please contact me to see if I can help you.

The list goes on and on....

I am forever grateful for the talents that have manifested for me in this lifetime; I am grateful to all of my teachers, especially my mom and dad.