A Manifesto

I am a DIVINE MANIFESTATION of GRACE!  I am here to participate fully in the world. I am here to LEARN and GROW, to PLAY and to SERVE, to EXPLORE and FLOURISH. I SHINE BRIGHTLY with the divine luster of GRACE. I am FREE. I am GREAT-FULL. I AM BLISSFULLY HAPPY and filled with GRATITUDE. I have NOTHING to fear or to hide from.  I am PROTECTED. I am a FORTRESS of GRACE.

I am ECSTATIC in my embodiment. I HONOR my HUMANITY. I CELEBRATE this LIFE in EVERY moment.  I am HEALTHY.  I NOURISH and NUTURE my soul and myself.  I LOVE my BODY.  It is a GLOWING expression of the DIVINE. I am a channel for DIVINE LOVE and GRACE.  An extraordinary current of SHAKTI dances through my SOUL - IT lives and breathes me. I NEVER FORGET that I am but a CHANNEL working for and being worked by this heavenly power. The revelation of the GRACE that flows through me is EMPOWERING and PROFOUND.

I live an exquisitely ABUNDANT life. I DWELL in POSSIBILITY. I am ALWAYS PROVIDED for and therefore extraordinarily GENEROUS. My WILDEST DREAMS are COMING TRUE. I completely TRUST in the will of GRACE. I am morally bound by DIVINE LAW to THRIVE in this world.  I am obligated to RECEIVE ALL that is mine. There is but the thinnest illusion of a veil that hangs between my deepest DESIRES and me.  I UNDERSTAND that with the slightest hint of effort, these desires promptly become manifest.  I stand by and witness the profundity of the Divine at work and play in this way.  I SURRENDER TO and BASK in the GLORY and POWER of this UNIVERSAL FLOW OF ENERGY.

I have the astonishingly good fortune to be surrounded by DIVINE BEINGS.  GRACE FILLED beings that SERVE and SUPPORT my soul’s HIGHEST PURPOSE and most MAGNIFICIENT DESTINY encircle me.  These relationships are driven by TRUST, FAITH, COMPASSION AND LOVE. In the most perfectly SYMBIOTIC relationship, I offer my LOVE, COMPASSION, SUPPORT and BLESSINGS in return.  These RELATIONSHIPS subsist in the realm of SANCTITY.  We share a tremendous amount of GRATITUDE for each other and for the GRACE that brought us together. I am HONORED and HUMBLED to be a REFLECTION of the GRACE that stands before me in these beings.  All that do not abide with in this astonishing symbiosis do not hinder my greater progress.  They are swiftly swept away to flow in their most deserving current of GRACE with the most magnanimous of blessings.

I offer FORGIVENESS to all that have harmed me. I hold no GRUDGES.  I look for the opportunity to FORGIVE and to be FORGIVEN.  I remain open to the possibilities of living in the HIGHEST PURPOSE of all relationships so that I may GAIN KNOWLEDGE and LOVE from them, and offer it back in return.

I INSPIRE. I have CLARITY of PASSION. I honor the great responsibility I have consequence of my GIFTS and TALENTS. I do the work I HAVE to do so I can do the work I WANT to do.  I cultivate my CREATIVITY as a humble offering of GRACE.  I CHERISH any opportunity I have to SHARE my work and knowledge. I DO NOT HESTITATE.   I do NOT DOUBT that my vocation is that of a HIGHER POWER.  I am COMMITED to the REFINEMENT of my skills so that I may better serve the source. 

I HONOR those that have come before me.  I offer the most heartfelt GRATITUDE to all of my illustrious TEACHERS that have come in the form of my FAMILY and FRIENDS to guide me through this lifetime; those that have held me up when I could not hold myself up; those that have encouraged and  ADVISED.  They have so GENEROUSLY shared their love, knowledge, patience and divine obligations with me and with the world. I am ASTOUNDED by their presence. I am constantly INSPIRED and genuinely IMPRESSED by their SHINING example and deliverance of GRACE. 

I KNOW from with in the deepest reaches of my SOUL that ALL I NEED is LOVE and that I HAVE IT.


This is my manifesto. I first sent it out to my family and friends on October 31, 2008 via e-mail.

The sweetest fall greetings to you all!!!

I so LOVE this time of year. The air is easy to breath. The skies are the most beautiful shades of blue. Life is good. I have had a most fantastic revelation over the last few days and I feel compelled to share it with you!!! I have written my manifesto!! What's that you ask?

It is this:

NOUN: pl. man-i-fes-toes or man-i-fes-tos
A public declaration of principles, policies, or intentions.

As I wrote this, I thought it would be my own little diddy, to entertain myself with. But then, I looked up what the exact meaning of manifesto is and I thought "WOW!" I need to share it for it to be a true manifesto-it should be a public declaration! Now, thanks to your presence in my life, it is!!!

From the bottom to the top of my heart, I THANK YOU for that presence of heart and mind!

I hope my revelation spurs you to have one too...to perhaps take a moment for yourself and to declare your own personal revolution.

Let LOVE rule!
Leslie :)


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